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  倒装语序分为完全倒装和部分倒装两种。完全倒装是将整个谓语移至主语前面。例如:Then comes the bus。部分倒装是只将助动词、系动词或情态动词放在主语之前。例如:Is she an English teacher?


一、副词here,there, in, out,up ,down, away,back,now, then, ahead 等位于句首,当谓语动词是be,come, go, follow,run等表示位置移动的动词,而且主语又是名词时,需要把谓语动词放主语之前,即全部倒装。
注意:A 此类倒装不用进行时态度。B若主语是代词时,不用倒装。

1.--Let's hurry. Listen!There________.
__Oh,yes.Has the teacher come yet?
---Look! Here________.
A the bell goes, is he coming B goes the bell, he comes
 C the bell is going,he is coming D goes the bell, comes he

A具有否定意义的副词放句首: not,never,seldom,hardly, rarely.little,scarely,few…

2.I finally got the job I dreamed about.Never in my life___
so happy!(2000,spring)
A did I feel      B I feel      C I had felt    D had I felt

3.The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once__with each other.(2003)
A they had quarreled B they have quarreled
C have they quarreled D had they quarreled

B,含有否定意义的连词放句首:not only…but also.., neither..nor.., no sooner…than.., scarely..than..,Hardly..when.., not until...

4.Not until all the fish died in the river__how serious pollution was.(95)
A did the villagers realize  B the villagers realized
C the villagers did realize D didn't the villagers realize

5.Not only__interested in football but__ beginning to show an interest in it.
A the teacher himself is, all his students are
B the teacher himself is, are all his students
C is the teacher himself, are all his students
D is the teacher himself,all his students are

*not only, no sooner,hardly.scarely要倒,but (also), than, when后面的句子不倒. Neither..nor..两部分都倒装。

C, 含有否定意义的介词放句首:by no means, In no time,in no case, on no account,under no circumstances...
On no account must you accept any money against your conscience.

6.Only in this way__to make improvement in the operating system.(2003 shang)
A you can hope B you did more C can you hope D did you hope

7. __can you expect to get a pay rise.(2001)
A With hard work B Although work hard
C Only with hard work  D Now that he works hard

肯定:so+助动词(动/情态)+主语   *主语与上文一致

8.-David has made great progress recently.
   --_______, and________.(1997)
A So he has, so you have   B So he has, so have you
C So has he , so have you  D So has he ,so you have

9. – You forget your purse when you went out.
    ---Good heavens,_______.(2002)
A so did I      B so I did        C I did so        D I so did

五、as 作“尽管/虽然”,引导让步状语从句,由于语法需要,把表语/状语/动词提于句首.
10._____,I have never seen anyone who's as capable(有能力) as John.(2001)
A As long as I have traveled  B Now that I have traveled
C Much as I have traveled    D As I have travled so much

11.___, he knows a lot of things.
A The child as he is  B Child as he is C A child as he is D Child as he is

六、so ..that.., such ..that..的句子结构中,若so,such 和与其所修饰的词置于句首,实行部分倒。
12.So difficult____it to live in an English-speaking country that I determined to learn English well.(2001)
A I have felt  B have I felt  C I did feel  D did I feel

七、若if 引导的虚拟条件句中有were, had, should 时, 可将if省,把were, had , should 放主语之前。

13.___it rain tomorrow, we would have put off the visit to the Yangpu Bridge.(94)
A Were   B Should       C Would     D Will

14.____ for the tree tickets,I would not have gone to the film so often.(95sh)
A If it is not B Were it not C Had not it been D If they were not

In a lecture hall of a university sits a professor.

May our country become rich and strong!
Long live the People's Republic of China!

十、There be 句型,eg,
There live(stand,appear.seem,remain,exist….)
There is a man at the door wants to see you.
There once lived an old hunter in that house.
There seems to be some misunderstanding about the matter.




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